What is Mudjacking?

Concrete mudjacking is a process in which a concrete grout is injected below sunken concrete slabs in order to raise them back to their original height. Mudjacking is an alternative to removing old and pouring new concrete at a fraction of the cost. The method was actually developed in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa in 1929 by John Poulter. The Iowa Department of Transportation was the first to commercially use the mudjacking process, doing so to raise road slabs back to their original grade.

How is it done?

Mudjacking, often also called concrete raising, concrete lifting, or slabjacking, is a very straightforward process. Representatives from Todd’s Mudjacking will come to your home or business, drill several holes in the concrete slab that has settled, and then inject a grout (a mixture of sand, portland cement, and bentonite) beneath the slab in order to raise it up. The grout hydraulically lifts the slab up to its original position. Generally, the process only takes a few hours to complete, and in most cases can be ready for regular use the same day.

Where can mudjacking be done?

Almost any poured concrete slab that has settled from its original elevation could be a candidate for concrete mudjacking. Todd’s Mudjacking has done work on concrete sidewalks, driveways, patios, outdoor steps, garage floors, swimming pool aprons, parking lots and basement floors.

Why use a mudjacking service?

Whether it is for aesthetic or safety reasons, mudjacking is a very cost-effective and efficient way to raise sunken sidewalks, driveways, patios and basement floors. Having level sidewalks, steps, or driveways can mean peace of mind as kids are playing, elderly come and go, and when removing snow. Mudjacking is a proven, practical, and inexpensive alternative to concrete replacement. There’s also the extra benefit of keeping out rodents that like to dig holes under concrete slabs. These voids that are caused from animals, erosion, or just plain settlement, also provide a home for critters such as ground squirrels, spiders, bees, mice or rats, and a variety of other pests. This can cause havoc to your home’s foundation.

When can service be completed?

At Todd’s Mudjacking, we operate under a “from-thaw-to-freeze” guideline, but gladly accept calls year-round to ensure that when the weather permits, a meeting can be arranged to assess your property’s needs and assure your satisfaction.

What will my investment be?

Besides the ease with which mudjacking raises and levels a sinking concrete slab, it’s also much cheaper than replacing them with newly poured concrete. The average mudjacking job only costs approximately 30% to 50% of the cost of removing and replacing old concrete. Not only do you save money, but this process can be completed, in most cases, in a couple of hours and can be used the same day. Each job varies in cost, so we encourage you to call a Todd’s Mudjacking representative for a specific project estimate.

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The team installed the “Power Brace” system explaining each step and what to expect. They did an excellent job. No more worries about the wall problem. I highly recommend Todd’s Mudjacking and Basement Services!
- Rick Plett, Bettendorf, IA
Ashley was very professional…..explained everything in detail.  The labor staff were efficient, courteous, and neat.
- Roger & Marilyn Coleman, Galesburg, IL
As a home inspector I get to see a lot of your work – multiple types.  I always recommended Todd’s based on what I have seen.  Now I can recommend based on personal knowledge.
- Mike Ewoldt, Bettendorf, IA
I highly recommend Todd’s Mudjacking Service, Inc.  Their attention to detail, willingness to work within the customer’s budget, and professional customer service is of the highest quality.  The communications with the office and overall concern for my satisfaction would be very hard to beat.  Very good return on my investment.  The service I received was worth every dollar.
- Brian T. Lees, Rock Island, IL
You have an “A+” crew working for you!!!
- Ellen Smith, Colona, IL
Dave is very polite and considerate.  Everything was explained very well & also cleaned up very well.
- Robert E. Wright, Clinton, IA
Dave and Larry were proficient and diligent in their work.  I would highly recommend Todd’s Company at any opportunity.
- Nadine Johnson, Taylor Ridge, IL
Ashley came out and suggested putting 4 towels down and wait for rain.  I called her to say all 4 towels were wet – she came over that day and explained what we needed done to the floor to fix our problem.  Ashley, Dave and two helpers were very polite and neat and cleaned up after themselves.
- Julie Salkold, Bettendorf, IA
Extremely helpful & professional.  Used emails to coordinate.  That made it all so much easier for me.  A breath of fresh air that there are still businesses with a high level of customer service and ability.
- Danielle Zabloudil
Very Competitive Rate!  Courtesy and clean up was outstanding!
- Tom Conrad, Silvis, IL
On time….fast efficient work…..Good Job!!
- Ronald Pearson, Galesburg, IL
Crew made special efforts to protect existing flowers, bushes and adjacent structures from damage and soiling.  Cleanup was great!
- Charles Meyer, Muscatine, IA
Excellent work ethics of the men that did the job.  Estimator was very thorough and understanding.
- Linda Ohlweiler, Rock Island, IL

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